Mis-fit Review

I know many people made a New Years resolution to get fit, and this is a great way to reach your goal. Last year I got a Misfit shine for my birthday, I’ve been using it for almost a year now so it’s a great time for me to write a review about it now. In case you don’t know what a Misfit shine is, it is a fitness watch. A more popular fitness watch you may have heard of is the fit-bit, the fit-bit was actually what I was planning to get but after lots of research I found the Misfit shine which was less expensive and had more neat features than the Fitbit.


The way misfit works is that you download the misfit app (works on androids and iphones) and then you sync your misfit with the app. Then the app shows you everything below. And I know syncing sounds complicated but it is actually really easy. What may be a bit confusing to some is that the misfit shows you how many “points” you earned for the day. The points show how close you are to getting to your goal (which is set in how many steps you take per day). To view your progress on your misfit you simply tap it twice, then lights will flash and will show you how close you are to getting to your goal. After it shows you your progress, it also works as a clock and tells you what time it is, in a pretty confusing way which you may or may not understand ( none of my friends understand it).

It comes in many different colors including: grey, red, blue, wine (the one I have), and much more.


What the lights look like on the misfit shine.



You can also set up a social account where you share all your goals and achievements with your friends.

One other thing that made the misfit stand out was that it was completely waterproof, meaning you can go swimming and get your calories counted which is really rare in fitness watches, most like the fitbit are only water resistant.

You can also buy lots of accessories for ways to wear it, there are necklaces, watches, and bracelets all made for the misfit shine. And you don’t have to charge it every night because it works on a battery that last about 6 months and is really easy to switch out.


The misfit shine costs $70 which is a lot less than most other fitness watches.


The surface can get scratched up and takes away from its appearance.

It’s hard to see the lights on the misfit in bright light.

The band of the watch gets caught in my hair sometimes.


As you can see none of the cons are too big and this fitness watch is rally great! I recommend it to anyone looking for a fitness watch or that needs something to really show you exactly how many calories you are burning. Although I use it most to see if I got a full 8 hours of sleep!

Check out the Misfit website for full specifications. That is also where I found many of the pictures from.

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