OOTD: Cute Winter Outfit

The temperature has officially been under 0 for several days now so I wanted to share one of favorite warm outfits with you guys! It’s a great outfit for a day at the mall or a stroll through the city. Also, you may notice that I rolled my jeans up and honestly I only did that because those jeans are a little short but since it is winter, tucking your jeans into your boots is a great idea!

I’m wearing a really cute hi-low sweater because I just adore sweaters! They are warm, soft, and look good! I  paired the sweater with plain light wash jeans and what I find really makes this outfit is my green/grey ankle boots. They are really chic and have a medium size heel so they are comfortable enough to do a bit of walking. Lastly, I just threw on my green fur lined jacket that has been my go to lately. Outfits details are below.:)

cozy sweater

green cargo coat

winter ootd

j crew jeans

cargo jacket

Ivanka Trump

Jacket: Aritzia||| Sweater: Costa Blanca|||Jeans: J-crew||| Shoes: Ivanka Trump

I hope you liked the pictures even though they aren’t the best quality.  I went to go shoot this outfit and spent a half an hour gathering all my camera equipment and then I left my house and when I tried using my camera, I realized that I left the battery charging in my house! So I ended up having to take these with my phone.  At the time it was pretty frustrating but now looking back at it, it’s actually pretty funny. Especially because it took me a while to realize the battery was missing, I thought I broke my camera!

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