Easy Halloween Nails You Can Do At Home!

I really wish I posted this post earlier because honestly I love all these nail ideas! If I’d done this earlier then I would have been able to do several of these before Halloween, I feel like it would be a bit strange if I did these after Halloween. Now I’m only going to have time to do one of these… so help me out and PLEASE comment which one I should do for Halloween, its too hard for me to decide!

black and white nails

I wouldn’t be able to do this but that’s just because I can’t even draw a moon on paper! Although if you can draw a moon and are looking for a subtle but Halloweeny look, then I suggest this! Simply get black nail polish, put a matt top coat and draw on the symbols above^. Like I said, it’s totally doable if you can draw.

halloween bloody nailΒ  halloween mummy nails

This seems much more intricate than it really is, what I really love about this is that its ok if not everything is perfect. You simply draw horizontal lines across you nail. Then to do the eyes, draw another vertical line and then using a dotter, make a big black circle. Once that dries, use your dotter again and make a white circle inside the black circle so that only the rim of the black circle is showing. The last step is to draw yet another black circle inside the white one, and that’s it!

halloween easy nail tutorialhalloween nail tutorial

This one is so ridiculously simple but it looks so good! Choose a base coat (preferably orange since it is Halloween) and paint your whole nail. Then use a black and white glitter top coat on the tips of your nails. I actually have the perfect sparkle top coat for this, it looks exactly like the one above (I suspect it is actually the same one), it is called Black Tie Optional by Hard Candy and it only cost around $3!halloween nails easy halloween nails tutorial

Do you guys remember crackle? It was “the thing” about a year ago and now no one uses it anymore! Well if you are like me and never through out makeup until you finished it, then chances are you have a black crackle lying around somewhere! I find that the crackle looks perfect for Halloween, especially with orange as the base!halloween nails

This one also seems way harder to do than it actually is. First paint your nail any base color. Then the one hard part comes next, making the head! To make a head draw a semi circle first then two triangles near the sides of your nail (it isn’t too hard if you section of your nail). Then draw to big ovals inside the head and a small white line. Voila!

For more great Halloween ideas look at my pinterest!

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