Favorite Long Hairstyles

It is true that there are many more options for hairstyles when you have short hair, you can be really creative by layering, getting pixie cuts, and bobs. But long hair also never goes out of style! Here are a few of my favorite hairstyles that’ll spice up your long hair even more!

I love this type of ombre because it somehow looks natural, yet and dark brown and blonde are completely opposite colors!

For some reason, slicked hair always brings a touch of elegance, and looks so chic!

Fringe bangs are always super cute, but fringe bangs with curly long hair = YUM

This is my most favorite long hairstyle, once again there is an ombre going on and the curls just make it all come together so well!

I love loose curls because they look really put together but laid back at the same time, so double points!

Thanks for reading this super quick post, hope it was a nice quick read!

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