5 essential tops

Hey everyone! Today’s post is about the 5 tops that are must-haves in your closet. They’re versatile, comfortable, and most importantly look good simple. In other words we’re back to basics!

1. The black or white t-shirt:

Everyone needs to have a plain short sleeve tee, whether its a v-neck or scoop neck. As long as it’s a solid color and form fitting, its a must-have! You can dress it up by wearing a colorful scarf or putting on lot’s of jewelry. Or you can wear it really casually by just tucking it into your jeans or shorts.haltertop

2. Halter top:

Halter tops are extremely sexy and add a variety to your wardrobe! You can dress them up or down like the plain t-shirt above but it adds a different level of “chicness.” Also, many halter tops have beautiful patterns like the on in this picture (found on dollskill.com) and adds more interest in your outfit.

3. Long-sleeve:
The long sleeve is practically the same as the short sleeve tee but made for colder days.

4. The Undershirt:  I actually have a whole post where I discuss undershirts, if you’d like to check it out click here. Trust me they are amazing! And probably the most valuable out of any of these other basics.

5. The blouse:

Blouses are my favorite things to wear when I’m going to a fancy event but am still going for a casual look. A statement necklace and blouse work magic when paired together! The ultimate for casual elegance.

                                     Image from castanet.net
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