Nails for Easter

I wish everyone a happy Good Friday! Whenever you read this I hope you enjoy the last post in the Easter series! The posts that are in the Easter series are: Hair for Easter (in the links below), Outfits for Easter (in the links below), and Nails for Easter (this one). Hopefully these posts will prep you for Easter so that you can look as great as you’ll feel that day! I’ve tried to keep all the designs quite simple to ensure that everyone can do them.

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The main part of these nails is to make sure you have pale/ light colors. A vibrant color such as a glossy red would not give you the “eastery” feeling that these do. As for the dots, they are easily created by either dipping a toothpick in white nail polish or simply using a dotter tool.

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Here is another example where it’s important to have pale colors. To create the dots like this, first paint your base coat, then make a few white dots (says how in the picture above) and wait for them to dry. Once dried, take a color more pigmented or brighter than your base coat and make more dots (putting some on top of the dried white ones. And that’s it! I love designs with dots because they are so easy to make.

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For this design, you can use any base color (preferably an “eastery” one). Once the base is dry, draw a semi-cricle on the tip of your nail, then two ovals on top of it. Wait for that to dry. Once it drys, paint two more pink ovals inside the white ones and that’s it. Voila! A simple yet intriguing design, perfect for those that connot paint well on nails.

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If you love the egg part of Easter than this is super cute design for you! First paint your base yellow or orange if you don’t have yellow. Once your base dries, paint on the white eggshell, a nose, and two black eyes. Wait for it to dry, use a top coat on it like seche vite ( best ever! click on link for a review of it) and you are done! I love this one because it seems really hard to make but really its quite easy.

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This picture combines the first picture and the previous one. I mainly took this one just to show you that if you think having a chick on every nail is a bit overwhelming ( or you’re just lazy), you can put your chick on your accent nail and leave the others another base color or to spice it up, add some dots.

Once again, I wish you all a Happy Good Friday and Easter!

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