Outfit Ideas for Easter

Hey everyone! Hope your having a great Monday (who am I kidding, Mondays suck ;)) Eater is coming up very soon, so as the second part of my three part Easter series I’ve put together 4 different outfits that would be ideal for spring. The posts that are in the Easter series are: Hair for Easter (came out already), Outfits for Easter ( this one), and Nails for Easter (coming out this friday). Hopefully these posts will prep you for Easter so that you can look as great as you’ll feel that day!
Spring set #1
This fist outfit is very casual but chic. I think that white jeans are perfect for Easter and the yellow top and blue accents scream spring! For this outfit you don’t necessarily have to use a yellow top and blue accessories. For example, instead of yellow, you can wear a pale pink top with yellow accessories. Any Easter/ spring combination would look great paired with white jeans.

Spring set #2

Spring set #2 by osovogue featuring Disney

I think that any white dress accessorized with turquoise accessories is so romantic and festive looking! If you are planning a romantic date with a special someone, i suggest this outfit for you πŸ™‚

Spring set #3

This outfit mostly describes my style, I love the way fitted boyfriend jeans look with heels, along with a chic top and super cute accessories, this is my ideal outfit! The gold and pink look amazing and add a touch of elegance to the entire outfit.
Spring set #4
This outfit is super cute! It is the girliest and flirtiest of them all! The white accessories really keep this outfit from looking too pink, if you decide to wear an outfit that has lot’s of one color (like pink in this case), I strongly suggest you add some white jewelry to balance it all out!
I hope you guys enjoyed these and get some inspiration for your perfect Easter outfit!
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11 thoughts on “Outfit Ideas for Easter

  1. Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my new blog! This is an awesome post – I’m so happy we can finally bring the spring dresses out! I absolutely love the pastel colours in these sets, and I wish the skirt in the last set was in my wardrobe!

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