My top 5 favorite mascaras (drugstore (mostly))

Hey y’all,

Today I will be talking about the make-up essential, the one thing every girl uses…..MASCARA!!! There are soo many mascaras on the market today, probably over a hundred, actually, maybe even one thousand! Today I will be mostly talking about my favorite drugstore mascaras, with the exception of one. I personally love water-proof products because I never know when I’ll get wet (I mean I don’t expect to start crying one day, or i don’t expect it to rain, or a snowlflake fall on my eyelashes and make them wet, or maybe get some dust in my eye so it starts watering!?). So if you catch my drift, you see that I always like to be ready for the unexpected. Therefore, I prefer waterproof mascara, but since I’ve always been lazy and I don’t take off all my make-up before bed (waterproof mascara is so damn hard to get off!!!), I know, I know, it’s horrible. So I’ve started using some normal mascaras (not waterproof) in hopes that it’ll be easier to take off in the evening. So enough rambling, let’s get down to the good stuff, shall we? In no specific order, here are my 5 favorite mascaras.
1) Maybelline; Colossal Volume Express -not waterproof

This is my favorite not waterproof mascara, it makes my lashes really long, I love it! I’m always so afraid that if my mascara isn’t waterproof, it’ll smudge throughout the day but this mascara stays on the whole day and doesn’t smudge. Although i do not recommend putting this mascara on your bottom lashes, as I find that it will smudge(and so will every other not waterproof mascara) Another great thing about this product is that removing it at night is so easy! And that’s very important to me. The prices vary in different drug-stores, but in most places they around $5.

2) Clinique; High Impact Mascara- not waterproof

This mascara is only $13 so I decided to add it in this last. It is truly a great mascara and worth the extra few dollars. It lengthens and volumizes your lashes, after two coats of this you’ll have the best looking “real” lashes( I say ‘real’ becasue lot’s of people wear fake eyelashes, and unfortunatly no mascara will make your lashes look as full as a pair of fake ones) in the crowd. Removal is really easy as well, water should be enough to take it off.
3) Maybelline; The Falsies Big Eyes – waterproof

This mascara is around $8 in most drugstores and is really great because not only does it come with  normal wand, it also has a wand for your bottom lashes! Making this one a double threat 😉 This is probably my favorite formula of all the mascaras, it rarely clumps and yet makes your lashes look so full! The biggest downside to this mascara is that it dried out very quickly, in  a matter of two weeks, the mascara was hardly usable anymore! Although I loved the formula so much, I still went on a bought another bottle.
4) Essence; Get Big Lashes Volume Boost  – waterproof

This is one that I’m sure many if you will be surprised that I chose. Essence isn’t really known for anything except that they’re make-up is really cheap. So believe me when I bought this mascara by mistake and tested it out, I couldn’t believe the wonders it worked! It makes your eyelashes look so good, I don’t have words to describe it. While making your lashes full and voluminous, they look really natural. It’s truly hard to explain. It also last forever and it has a thick brush that makes application soo easy.It’s only $3, so really, I think you should go buy it and see for yourself! Although I must warn you, the removal of this mascara is not easy, but I think it’s definitely worth it.
5) Maybelline; The Falsies Volume Express- waterproof

This mascara costs around $6 and is one of my old favorites, I can’t even remember how long I’ve been using it! In all honestly it does clump, but it makes your lashes so thick, it’s crazy! The formula is really liquidy so it makes application an ease, although the fact that it is so liquid makes it have clumps. But the clumps are always easy to remove with just the use of your finger. And I also feel that I should mention that I think this bottle is never-ending! I’ve had for over 6 months (I know, I should replace it soon,blah, blah, blah) and use it regularly and it still seems full! I think there’s some magic going on here…..

So that just about sums it all up! You should definitely give at least one of these a go, I mean what could it cost you;)



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42 thoughts on “My top 5 favorite mascaras (drugstore (mostly))

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  3. It’s nice to see such thoughtful and relevant reviews. I also really like that you cover a range of price-points for your audience. I’d love to see what you have to say about some of Avon’s mascaras, of course. ❤

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  7. I have always trouble finding brown mascara, but I recently found the maxfactor 2000 calorie waterproof mascara in brown and it is absolutely amazing!!

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  8. As an Avon lady, I love sharing about Products that inspire me. We currently have a really amazing mascara that just came out. I also posted about it on my blog this last week. It is called super extend winged out mascara. It actually adds microfibers to the tips of your lashes making for a fuller longer lashes look that falsies usually provide, but this is much easier than having to go through all that.

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  10. I love the look that Falsies gives my lashes, but I end up with dark circles and sticky lashes the next morning! I think I will finally have to upgrade to an oil eye makeup remover! Thanks so much for following my blog, BeingZora! Please continue to follow me, like me, or just ogle the photos at I promise to do the same at your site!I totally appreciate you stopping by and leaving comments over all this time! Even if you’re just stopping by, checking out the photos, leaving a “like” and moving on, I really appreciate it and don’t want to lose you as I move and rename my site. Thanks! In dreams, ZoraB.

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