Hey guys!

Today I’m sporting a bit of a old fashioned look, denim on denim! My whole outfit today really reminds me of a 60s look but then again the 1900s fashion always has its way of coming into our outfits. I find that when matching denim and denim, you always want one of the items to have a pattern or design on it, particularly in solid color like white. As you can see my shirt has white details on it and that really breaks up the denim on denim and makes the outfit work. As for the shoes, I just wore my old black combat boots. As an accessory I wore a black mustache necklace ( I know, i know, it’s childish, but it was perfect length and went with the out fit, so who cares! It’s also nice to add some spunk to your outfits every once in a while) ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also have black sunglasses on because as you can see in some of the pictures, it was quite bright that day!

IMG_4019 IMG_2161IMG_2167  IMG_2166 IMG_2164 IMG_2163




12 thoughts on “OOTD: DENIM ON DENIM

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