Ispirational Blogger Award :)

Thanks a lot to annakimbo for nominating me for the Inspirational Blogger Award! I loved your blog as well as the other nominee’s, tonight I’ll be pulling off an all- nighter to go through everyone’s posts (once I start looking at posts, I can’t stop)!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you,
  • List the rules and display the award,
  • Share seven facts about yourself,
  • Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them.

7 Facts About Moi πŸ™‚

1. I have a younger brother (that annoys the hell out of me, but then again whose siblings don’t?).

2. I had three pet frogs in the past and all of them escaped from their tanks and disappered…. I think that one day when we are cleaning our vents, we’ll find a few dead frog bodies…

3. Currently, i have a pet lizard which I am trying to sell. His name is Lizzie.

4. I had a jewelery business for a few years.

5. My passport was stolen from me while I was in Greece (on vacation) and couldn’t leave the country for a few days. If you are interested to read more about that click here.

6. I often go through phases and spend most of my saved up money on useless items and end up regretting my purchases. Every. Single. Time.

7. I really like biology, but don’t want to be a doctor so I’m a bit confused ( a lot confused) as to what job I want.

So that just about sums it all up about me, here are a few up and coming blogs that I really enjoy:) (unfortunately it’s only in Serbian but it is an amazing blog!)



9 thoughts on “Ispirational Blogger Award :)

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    • No problem, you deserve it! All you have to do is highlight the text where you want the text to have a link and then click the thumbnail that looks like a link, there you just insert the link of my blog ( and it should work!
      Hope that helps,

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