Valentine’s Day<3 (Last min outfit)

Valentine's Day

Here’s a last-minute Valentine’s Day look for anyone who might be in need!

Plus size red dress
This dress is perfect for Valentine’s Day! It’s red and has a heart cut-out in the back! I think this was made for Valentine’s Day !!

ONLY pattern blazer
81 CAD –
This fitted blazer is the perfect length and will fit anyone well because of its fit.

Brian Atwood heeled sandals
250 CAD –
These are my favorite shoes ever and I had to add them to this outfit because the cut outs on the shoes would look so great with the cut-out in the dress.

Kate Spade white purse
375 CAD –
This purse is soo cute! And is the perfect size for this outfit, a bigger purse may over power the rest of the outfit.

Ippolita diamond bracelet bangle
21,890 CAD –
A bit out my price range…. but it’s truly beautiful and I had to include it in this set.

Gold locket
63 CAD –
I chose this necklace because it has a heart, obviously! And it’s super cute! The gold color also matches the rest of the outfit perfectly.

Kate spade earrings
60 CAD –
Gold Hearts!!

Barrette hair clip
4.50 CAD –
Adorable accessorie that would look great with this outfit and especially with a red lip 🙂
If you need some inspo for lipstick, check out my yesterdays post! Here!
I hope you are having a great Valentine’s Day, whether you are going out with your friends, having a romantic date with your “special someone,” or if you are having a lazy day at (like me)! Just keep in mind that there is always someone in the world that loves you ❤

9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day<3 (Last min outfit)

  1. I love your theme! I recently read a post on BlogLovin and it had this theme featured as one of the best. I haven’t seen it in person until now, and I must admit it looks amazing. This post for the VDay outfit is great, and I appreciate the fact that you included the accessories.

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