Wishlist #1 ( Affordable:))

Wishlist #1 ( Affordable:))
Hey guys :))))
Today I put together a wish list and wrote some info about each product, hope you enjoy!

Victoria s Secret crop shirt
31 CAD – victoriassecret.com
I know, I know this is a very plain shirt and many of you are probably wondering why I would put it in a wish list! I’ve been looking for a casual grey top which is “flowy” for so long and I just cannot find one anywhere! I’m a bit of a cheap-ass and think that $30 is too expensive for such a plain shirt but I think I’m just going to end up ordering it because I am sick of looking for one!

Red coat
71 CAD – choies.com
I’ve seen this coat in soo many other polyvore sets and absolutely fell in love with it! It is casual but makes any outfit elegant. Just imagine; leggings, a white crop, cute ankle booties (some coming up), and this jacket. It’s all you need for absolute comfort and style!

Timberland black bootie
165 CAD – infinityshoes.com
This bootie is a bit more on the expensive side but it’s so cute! I love the heel, the height, everything about this boot! Unfortunately tho, because of the price I’m afraid it’ll stay on my wish list for ma while…

TOMS lace up platform ankle booties
110 CAD – bloomingdales.com
These boots are a must have for spring, imagine how cute they would look with the wine coat above *sigh.

Jessica Simpson heel booties
50 CAD – 6pm.com
These are super cute, a great color, and only $50!! How is that possible, am I dreaming?

Marc B black crossbody bag
86 CAD – topshop.com
Whenever I go shopping I always like having a small cross body bag instead of a giant bag that I would have to lug around along with other shopping bags. My last bag ripped recently so now I am looking for a replacement, and this bag seems to be perfect for that!

Kate Spade infinity jewelry
98 CAD – katespade.com
I’m not sure if you can see the details on this necklace but trust me, it is gorgeous! Imagine this necklace with the previously imagined outfit with the wine coat *sigh… cutest outfit ever!

Urban Decay blending brush
73 CAD – selfridges.com
This is actually the Naked Palette. I recently got the Naked 2 Pallete and now want the original! If you would like a review on the Naked 2 Palette, make sure to let me know in the comments! 🙂

MAC Cosmetics mineral lipstick
28 CAD – bloomingdales.com
Last but not least, a MAC lipstick! Not any MAC lipstick but a very pretty light pink color! I feel like this color instantly brightens any look and is the perfect last touch to pull an outfit together!
Hope you liked my wish list, if you would like me to do a review on the Naked 2 Palette make sure to leave me a comment! And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, FB, Instagram… pretty much anything you can think of so that you can see my posts right when they come out, along with other pictures that aren’t only my blog (like a really yummy crepe!)
Everythings username is osovogue with the exception of Instagram which is o_so_vogue
Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Kat

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