Winter Jacket Guide

Finding the perfect winter jacket can be exhausting! They are either too bulky and make you look like a puffball or they’re too thin and aren’t warm enough. Sometimes it seems like you can never win! But here are a few options that can give you everything you would want in a jacket! Here are some jackets with their pros and cons so that you can see which would best fit you. 

A green army jacket:1jacket1

This jacket looks great on any body type because it cinches at the waist, Also the color is a nice difference than the usual black, grey, or brown. I have this jacket and the fur is so soft and feels really nice on your skin. The only con with this jacket is that it isn’t really cut out for Canadian winters. I do not recommend this jacket if your winters get into 1jacket4the negative degrees.

Puffer jacket: This jacket will keep you will keep you warm because of all the “puffiness”. Some people like the look of this jacket and some people don’t. This jacket suits large-chested women better because it doesn’t cinch you’re waist anywhere so it will make you seem really flat.

Long jackets filled with down:1jacket2

They are really warm but very bulky, the best thing about long jackets is that it keeps your butt and legs warm. When you sit on a bench outside that is freezing, your butt will stay warm!

1jacket5Bomber jackets:

This jacket is from Canada Goose and is a really big hit among my friends. It is definitely going to keep your upper body warm but since its so short your lower body will be freezing, also this jacket makes you look like a puffer fish it is too bulky in my opinion.

Hope you found this helpful  and manage to stay warm and fashionable in the cold:)




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