Difference between body mist and perfume!? + Promotion

I have always been wondering what is the difference between body mist and perfume. Other than the fact that body mist comes in a bigger container, I really don’t see any other difference! I don’t know if this was a stupid question and if there is some really big difference but in case anyone else was confused i decided to share my research. I have found a few differences, here they are:

1. Lighter smell: ” It is supposed to be light and airy not something the weighs you down” It is true that body mists have a lighter smell but I never really thought of this as a difference because you can find some body mists that are really strong and some perfumes that are really faint. I thought it just depended on the perfume/ body mist you used, I guess not. :/

2. The price: I never thought of this but the price of body mist is way less than perfume! A body mist costs around $20 ( or less) whereas perfume usually costs over $60! Why such a difference, I’m still not completely sure.

3. Doesn’t last as long: Now I understand why perfume costs so much more, body mist lasts almost two times less than perfume! You will have to keep retouching your body mist to smell nice all day, can get a bit annoying!

4. More water, less oil:  Body mists have a higher percentage of water in them; this causes the fainter smell and also makes sense why it costs less. They also have less oil, which sounds like a good thing but really oil is what makes perfumes smell so much stronger! So in this case it is better to have more oil.

5. Alcohol: Body mists are made up of a good amount of alcohol, which isn’t necessarily bad but it will evaporate quicker, this is why the scent doesn’t last as long as perfume.

6. Less concentrated: “the scent is usually diluted just enough so that it’ll stick to your #skin for a little while but you’ll have to keep reapplying.” I guess that is why body mist containers are way bigger than perfume bottles.

In conclusion, body mist is very similar to perfume except you get what you pay for. Body mist has a fainter smell and has to be reapplied a lot more than perfume! I suggest you buy body mist if you are someone that likes to change up their scent but if you are someone that has found their favorite scent then perfume would be better for you in the long run. Even though it costs considerably more than body mist, it will last longer and smell stronger.

If you decided you are more of a body mist person, check out Victoria Secret’s site now, because they are having a 5 for $30! Great deal considering 1 is usually $14! They also smell amazing, I got this one for Christmas>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I hope this was useful and cleared up any confusion you may have had, I know it cleared up mine. Everything in quotes was taken directly from here.




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