1 Tip That Will Keep You Warm During Winter

For me, this isn’t really a trick or tip, this is something that I just grew up with. I never really thought much about it until I realized that none of my friends did this and I was always a lot warmer than them. This tip is extremely simple and obvious so may have thought of it already, but in case you haven’t here is the tip: Wear an undershirt! Okay, I know some of you are thinking that it is stupid and uncomfortable to wear another layer. But undershirts are skin tight so they aren’t visible when you wear them under your shirt, hence the name undershirt. Here are the pros to wearing an undershirt in the wintertime:

• since they are skin tight they trap air in and keep you warm throughout the day

• if you are like me, that’s means you hate when you lift your arms when you are outside and all the cold air rushes in your jacket, and the part of uncovered skin freezes. Well the undershirt will insure that your whole torso will be covered

• If you are at someone’s house and get hot all of a sudden because of your sweater, you can always take off your sweater and chill in your undershirt ( which is really just a spaghetti strapped tank top)

This tip may not seem the best but I guarantee that you will love this if you give it a chance.

2015/01/img_0587.jpgHere is pic of what undershirts generally look like ^^^^



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