Winter Essentials – Elegant

It is getting colder and darker each day. Sadly because of this we have to dress a lot warmer and this proves to be an issue for many women. Although it can be a challenge, we will get through the negative temperatures and harsh wind by layering and wearing accessories that are made to keep you warm but also make sure that they keep you stylish.  Many of these products are easy to find so you can wear the exact ones in the picture or modify and find some similar ones to match your style! This will be a three part series to cover all styles. There will be a Winter Essentials – casual, elegant , and edgy. So keep checking back to see when the next ones come out!

If you are walking down the streets trying your best to look put together but freezing on the inside, then you should follow theses tips to get the best of both worlds!

Gloves: If you are going for a elegant look, leather gloves are a must have! They keep you warm because they are leather and look very stylish. You should go for neutral colors, reds, or if you are daring a light pink.

Hat: If it were up to me, I wouldn’t wear hats because I personally don’t like them, especially winter hats. Sadly, the wind and coldness is stronger than my willpower and I always end up wearing a hat. Choose hats that are more fitted or have a pretty pattern or material. I like crochet hats with some embellishments like the one in the picture.

Scarf: I did not include a scarf in this picture because that jacket has fur around the neck. Although if you have a jacket without the fur, than make sure your scarf matches your gloves and hat. Also make sure that they are all similar textures.

Boots: For a stylish look, you can never go wrong with ankle height boots with fur on top!

Jacket: The jacket in the picture is obviously very warm, the color paired with the fur around the neck makes it look very elegant and keeps you very warm. It is like having scarf around your neck but not actually wearing a scarf! There is a black belt that goes around your waist and accentuates it. It also keeps you warm. Lastly, the black buttons and other details like the drawstring at the bottom makes this look very elegant. With this jacket, you will be the best-looking and warmest women on the street.


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