Winter Essentials – Casual

Winter Must-Haves!!!

   It is getting colder and darker each day. Sadly because of this we have to dress a lot warmer and this proves to be an issue for many women. Although it can be a challenge, we will get through the negative temperatures and harsh wind by layering and wearing aaccessoriesthat are made to keep you warm but also make sure that they keep you stylish.  Many of these products are easy to find so you can wear the exact ones in the picture or modify and find some similar ones to match your style! This will be a three part series to cover all styles. There will be a Winter Essentials – casual, elegant , and edgy. So keep checking back to see when the next ones come out!

So if you have a laid- back type of style, which I love for school or lazy week-ends, these are the essentials you will need!

Mittens: Mittens are a very simple accessory but they can look really nice when paired with other accessories. Also, they happen to be one the warmest type of glove so if this seems like your style, lucky you! Make sure to buy neutral colors, so grey, black, brown, salt and pepper, burgundy, all these colors should look great and match with anything!

Scarf: For a really laid back look, which is also obviously the comfiest and warmest, I suggest a circle scarf. Make sure to match the color of your circle scarf with your mittens and hat or if that isnt possible, if you stick to neutral colors all your accessories should match even if they are not the exact same color.

Hat: Beanies!!! Beanies are the ultimate laid- back hat! They keep you warm and look super cute on anyone. Since they became so popular, there are many different colors and patterns to choose from! Just make sure to stay in the neutral color palette.

Boots: My personal favorite boots are Sorels, I especially love the grey, black, and white model because they literally match anything!

Other: I really like wearing thick plaid shirts in the winter time because they can be worn many different ways (a post coming out about that soon!) and because they are great for layering. Plaid shirts are great for layering and look great and put together even though it is the easiest thing possible. My favorite type of plaid shirt is they type with the hood. You can find warm flannels with hoods at Forever 21.

I hope you enjoy these tips and stay really warm!


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